The Comprehensive Guide to Reading Anne Perry’s Books in Order

Unraveling the intricate world of Anne Perry’s mysteries requires a guide, and this blog post aims to provide exactly that. As an acclaimed British novelist, Perry has penned numerous enthralling series that have delighted readers worldwide. Her works, steeped in historical context, resonate with intrigue and depth, offering a fascinating journey through time.

This post will provide an organized approach to navigating Perry’s literary universe. Whether you’re new to Perry’s work or a seasoned fan seeking a chronological roadmap, this comprehensive guide to Anne Perry’s books in order will serve as your indispensable companion.

Anne Perry Books In Order
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1. Charlotte and Thomas Pitt Series:

Charlotte and Thomas Pitt Series
Charlotte and Thomas Pitt Series
  • The Cater Street Hangman (1979)
  • Callander Square (1980)
  • Paragon Walk (1981)
  • Resurrection Row (1981)
  • Rutland Place (1983)
  • Bluegate Fields (1984)
  • Death in the Devil’s Acre (1985)
  • Cardington Crescent (1987)
  • Silence in Hanover Close (1988)
  • Bethlehem Road (1990)
  • Highgate Rise (1991)
  • Belgrave Square (1992)
  • Farrier’s Lane (1993)
  • The Hyde Park Headsman (1994)
  • Traitors Gate (1995)
  • Pentecost Alley (1996)
  • Ashworth Hall (1997)
  • Brunswick Gardens (1998)
  • Bedford Square (1999)
  • Half Moon Street (2000)
  • The Whitechapel Conspiracy (2001)
  • Southampton Row (2002)
  • Seven Dials (2003)
  • Long Spoon Lane (2005)
  • Buckingham Palace Gardens (2008)
  • Treason at Lisson Grove (2011)
  • Dorchester Terrace (2012)
  • Midnight at Marble Arch (2013)
  • Death on Blackheath (2014)
  • The Angel Court Affair (2015)
  • Treachery at Lancaster Gate (2016)
  • Murder on the Serpentine (2017)

2. Daniel Pitt Series:

Daniel Pitt Series
Daniel Pitt Series
  • Twenty-One Days (2018)
  • Triple Jeopardy (2019)
  • One Fatal Flaw (2020)
  • Death with a Double Edge (2021)

3. William Monk Series:

  • The Face of a Stranger (1990)
  • A Dangerous Mourning (1991)
  • Defend and Betray (1992)
  • A Sudden, Fearful Death (1993)
  • The Sins of the Wolf (1994)
  • Cain His Brother (1995)
  • Weighed in the Balance (1996)
  • The Silent Cry (1997)
  • A Breach of Promise (1998)
  • The Twisted Root (1999)
  • Slaves of Obsession (2000)
  • Funeral in Blue (2001)
  • Death of a Stranger (2002)
  • The Shifting Tide (2004)
  • Dark Assassin (2006)
  • Execution Dock (2009)
  • Acceptable Loss (2011)
  • A Sunless Sea (2012)
  • Blind Justice (2013)
  • Blood on the Water (2014)
  • Corridors of the Night (2015)
  • Revenge in a Cold River (2016)
  • An Echo of Murder (2017)
  • Dark Tide Rising (2018)

4. World War I Series:

  • No Graves As Yet (2003)
  • Shoulder the Sky (2004)
  • Angels in the Gloom (2005)
  • At Some Disputed Barricade (2006)
  • We Shall Not Sleep (2007)

5. Tathea Series:

  • Tathea (1999)
  • Come Armageddon (2001)

6. Timepiece Series:

  • Tudor Rose (2011)
  • Rose of No Man’s Land (2011)
  • Blood Red Rose (2011)

Timepiece Series: (continued)

  • Rose Between Two Thorns (2011)

7. Elena Standish Series:

  • Death in Focus (2019)
  • A Question of Betrayal (2020)
  • A Darker Reality (2021)

8. Christmas Murder Mystery Novellas:

Anne Perry has written numerous Christmas-themed novellas. Some of them include:

  • A Christmas Journey (2003)
  • A Christmas Visitor (2004)
  • A Christmas Guest (2005)
  • A Christmas Secret (2006)
  • A Christmas Beginning (2007)
  • A Christmas Grace (2008)
  • A Christmas Promise (2009)
  • A Christmas Odyssey (2010)
  • A Christmas Homecoming (2011)
  • A Christmas Garland (2012)
  • A Christmas Hope (2013)
  • A New York Christmas (2014)
  • A Christmas Escape (2015)
  • A Christmas Message (2016)
  • A Christmas Return (2017)
  • A Christmas Revelation (2018)
  • A Christmas Gathering (2019)
  • A Christmas Resolution (2020)

9. Anne Perry Standalones in Order:

  • Fashionable Funeral (1992)
  • A Dish Taken Cold (1999)
  • The One Thing More (2000)
  • Heroes (2007)
  • The Sheen on the Silk (2010)

10. Anne Perry Non-Fiction Books in Order:

  • Letters from the Highlands (2004)
  • Anne Perry and the Murder of the Century (2013)

11. Anne Perry Short Stories in Order:

Anne Perry has written several short stories throughout her career, some of which include:

  • Shutter Speed (1992)
  • Heroes (2007)
  • The Scroll (2013)

Who is Anne Perry?

Who is Anne Perry?
Who is Anne Perry?

Anne Perry is a British novelist known for her detective fiction. Her works often fall into the historical mystery genre. She has created several successful series, including the Charlotte and Thomas Pitt series and the William Monk series. Perry’s novels are noted for their depth of characterization and historical accuracy.

In what order should I read Anne Perry’s books?

Reading order can depend on personal preference. If you want to follow the character development and overarching plot threads, it’s best to read the series in order, starting with the Charlotte and Thomas Pitt series, then moving to the William Monk series.

However, each book usually presents a self-contained mystery, which can also be enjoyed individually. For standalone books, non-fiction, and short stories, the order of reading is less important.

1. Charlotte and Thomas Pitt Series- The Cater Street Hangman (1979):

This gripping debut introduces Inspector Thomas Pitt and high-society lady Charlotte Ellison, who together investigate a series of gruesome murders in Victorian London.

Amidst the rigid social norms, Charlotte assists Pitt in solving the mystery behind the ‘Cater Street Hangman’, challenging societal expectations and finding unexpected love in the process.

2. Daniel Pitt Series – Twenty-One Days (2018):

Perry’s thrilling spin-off features Daniel Pitt, the son of the famous detective duo. Now a junior barrister, Daniel faces a race against time when he is tasked with defending a wealthy client against a shocking murder charge. With only twenty-one days before the trial, Daniel must uncover the truth and save an innocent man from the gallows.

3. William Monk Series – The Face of a Stranger (1990):

Following a carriage accident, Inspector William Monk awakens with no memory of his past.

summary of every Charlotte and Thomas Pitt Series book

1. The Cater Street Hangman (1979)

The Cater Street Hangman (1979)
The Cater Street Hangman (1979)

Inspector Thomas Pitt investigates a series of murders in Victorian London’s upper-class neighborhood. The charming and headstrong Charlotte Ellison, from the socially distinguished Ellison family, assists him. Together, they navigate the social norms of the era and the dangerous killer on the loose, while an unexpected romance blossoms.

2. Callander Square (1980)

The murders of two infants in the elite Callander Square bring Thomas Pitt to investigate the secrets of London’s high society. Assisted by his wife, Charlotte, they discover that the seemingly perfect façade of the Square hides dark secrets that someone is willing to kill to keep hidden.

3. Paragon Walk (1981)

When a young woman is brutally assaulted and murdered in Paragon Walk, Inspector Pitt is called again to investigate. The residents of the upscale community are shocked, and it falls to Thomas and Charlotte Pitt to uncover the sordid secrets and identify the perpetrator.

4. Resurrection Row (1981)

Resurrection Row (1981)
Resurrection Row (1981)

In this chilling mystery, corpses are found in London’s most fashionable neighborhood, sitting propped up on the benches of Resurrection Row. The corpses are former clients of a distinguished undertaker. Thomas and Charlotte must unearth the reasons behind this macabre act and the connection between the seemingly unrelated corpses.

5. Rutland Place (1983)

Charlotte’s mother loses a locket at a gathering, which sparks a series of thefts and a murder in their peaceful neighborhood of Rutland Place. Charlotte and Thomas find themselves amid a scandal threatening to expose the facades of respectability and plunge them into the underbelly of society.

6. Bluegate Fields (1984)

A young boy from a prestigious school is found dead in London’s seedy Bluegate Fields. Inspector Pitt is assigned to the case, which poses personal and professional challenges as he and Charlotte navigate the class barriers that hinder the investigation.

7. Death in the Devil’s Acre (1985)

Death in the Devil's Acre (1985)
Death in the Devil’s Acre (1985)

A series of brutal murders occur in London’s dangerous slum, Devil’s Acre. As Pitt investigates these grisly crimes, he discovers a link to a respectable doctor. Charlotte assists Pitt in this challenging case that threatens to expose disturbing secrets from the past.

8. Cardington Crescent (1987)

When her brother-in-law is poisoned, Emily, Charlotte’s sister, becomes the prime suspect. While Emily fights to clear her name, Thomas and Charlotte delve into the victim’s life, revealing a web of scandal, corruption, and the pursuit of power that led to his demise.

9. Silence in Hanover Close (1988)

Pitt is tasked with reopening a three-year-old murder case involving a diplomat in the exclusive Hanover Close. With the help of Charlotte and her society contacts, they dig into the past, unearthing political intrigues, scandals, and multiple suspects.

10. Bethlehem Road (1990)

The suffragette movement’s peaceful demonstration turns deadly when two of its leaders are killed. Pitt investigates amidst political pressure while Charlotte and her sister Emily, fervent supporters of the cause, help him navigate the complexities of the movement to find the murderer.

11. Highgate Rise (1991)

Highgate Rise (1991)
Highgate Rise (1991)

A tragic fire in the elegant district of Highgate leaves two dead: a wealthy man and his poor, disreputable brother-in-law. Inspector Pitt suspects arson. As he and Charlotte dig deeper into the lives of the victims, they uncover a web of jealousy, ambition, and secrets that lead to unexpected places.

12. Belgrave Square (1992)

When the body of a moneylender is found in the heart of London’s affluent Belgrave Square, Inspector Pitt is called to investigate. As he delves into the victim’s life, he uncovers a network of informants in London’s underworld. Charlotte assists in navigating the complicated case that threatens to expose the dark underbelly of high society.

13. Farrier’s Lane (1993)

Inspector Pitt takes on a challenging case of a distinguished senior judge accused of blackmail. With the reputation of the British justice system at stake, Pitt, aided by Charlotte, must tread carefully as they uncover a deadly conspiracy that reaches the heart of the nation’s power.

14. The Hyde Park Headsman (1994)

The Hyde Park Headsman (1994)
The Hyde Park Headsman (1994)

A series of beheadings dubbed the work of the ‘Hyde Park Headsman’, sends shockwaves through London. As Pitt investigates, he must confront a killer who strikes seemingly at random. Meanwhile, Charlotte faces a crisis of her own when her brother-in-law is accused of a shameful crime.

15. Traitor’s Gate (1995)

In the midst of political unrest, a junior officer is found dead, and his father, an influential public figure, is accused of treason. Thomas and Charlotte Pitt must navigate through a maze of international intrigue, personal vendettas, and societal expectations to uncover the truth.

16. Pentecost Alley (1996)

A young woman’s murder following a high-society party leads Inspector Pitt into the world of London’s elite. As Pitt navigates a maze of scandal and deceit, Charlotte assists him in uncovering a deadly game of power and corruption.

17. Ashworth Hall (1997)

When a group of influential Irish politicians is invited to a controversial meeting at Ashworth Hall, tensions are high. The situation worsens when a murder occurs, and Pitt, with the help of Charlotte, must untangle the complicated politics to find the killer.

18. Brunswick Gardens (1998)

Brunswick Gardens (1998)
Brunswick Gardens (1998)

A female researcher at a prestigious think tank is found dead, and a distinguished scientist stands accused. As Pitt investigates, he must navigate a web of professional rivalry, personal betrayal, and the conflict between science and religion. Charlotte assists him in a case that could have far-reaching consequences.

19. Bedford Square (1999)

When a man is found dead outside a grand house in Bedford Square, the residents insist they don’t know him. But Pitt discovers connections to a crime committed twenty years ago. Assisted by Charlotte, they unravel a case that threatens the reputations of influential people.

20. Half Moon Street (2000)

When the body of a man dressed in women’s clothing is found in the Thames, Pitt is drawn into the world of London’s theater scene. Charlotte assists him in navigating this world of make-believe where appearances can deceive, and they uncover a deadly drama of blackmail and murder.

21. The Whitechapel Conspiracy (2001)

In this book, Pitt is reassigned to Special Branch and must tackle a conspiracy that reaches into the heart of the government. With Charlotte’s help, they navigate the world of espionage and betrayal to expose the truth.

22. Southampton Row (2002)

Southampton Row (2002)
Southampton Row (2002)

The murder of a spiritualist medium could influence a crucial election. Now part of the Special Branch, Pitt investigates this politically sensitive case. Charlotte, despite her husband’s new secretive role, finds ways to assist him in a case that could alter the nation’s future.

23. Seven Dials (2003)

A diplomat is accused of a brutal assault on a woman, leading Pitt to the secretive world of the Seven Dials club. As they peel back layers of international intrigue, Thomas and Charlotte are drawn into a dangerous game of power and corruption.

24. Long Spoon Lane (2005)

Anarchists detonate bombs in the London streets, and Pitt is tasked with stopping them. As he infiltrates their circles, Charlotte assists in a more personal way. They must work together to prevent a devastating attack that could shake the nation.

25. Buckingham Palace Gardens (2008)

A scandalous murder occurs during a lavish party at Buckingham Palace. As Pitt investigates the high-profile case, he and Charlotte must navigate a world of wealth, influence, and deadly secrets to catch the killer.

26. Treason at Lisson Grove (2011)

Treason at Lisson Grove (2011)
Treason at Lisson Grove (2011)

Pitt’s pursuit of a dangerous murderer leads him to Ireland, where he finds himself in mortal danger. Charlotte, desperate to help her husband, uses her connections in London’s high society to uncover a deadly conspiracy that threatens the safety of the British Empire.

27. Dorchester Terrace (2012)

With a royal visit to Italy looming, Pitt must thwart a potential assassination attempt. As he races against time, Charlotte assists him in unraveling a web of international intrigue that could lead to war.

28. Midnight at Marble Arch (2013)

A series of brutal sexual assaults and murders shatters the peace of London’s elite. Pitt is tasked with finding the perpetrator, while Charlotte uses her connections in society to gather information. Together, they confront the dark side of privilege and power.

29. Death on Blackheath (2014)

Death on Blackheath (2014)
Death on Blackheath (2014)

When a young woman goes missing from a wealthy household, Pitt is called to investigate. As he delves into the case, he uncovers a sinister web of betrayal and deception. Charlotte assists her husband, revealing the dangerous secrets hidden beneath the surface of high society.

30. The Angel Court Affair (2015)

When a dangerous international extremist threatens to assassinate a European prince visiting London, Pitt is charged with protecting the royal visitor. Charlotte, using her societal connections, helps Pitt in a case that could have far-reaching political consequences.

31. Treachery at Lancaster Gate (2016)

When a deadly bombing in Lancaster Gate leads to the death of two policemen, Thomas Pitt is called to conduct the investigation. As he probes deeper, he uncovers a web of corruption within the police force itself. With Charlotte’s help, they navigate this dangerous landscape, where every decision could have grave consequences.

32. Murder on the Serpentine (2017)

Murder on the Serpentine (2017)
Murder on the Serpentine (2017)

Pitt is summoned by Queen Victoria to investigate the mysterious death of a military advisor, leading him into a world of secrets and betrayal. With the Queen’s reputation at stake, Charlotte assists Pitt in uncovering a deadly plot that threatens to shake the very foundations of the monarchy. And that concludes the summaries for the Charlotte and Thomas Pitt series by Anne Perry.

Expert Tip: Please note that Anne Perry is a prolific author and she may have written additional books or started new series after my last training data in September 2021. Always check the most recent sources for the latest information.

What makes Anne Perry’s novels so engaging?

Anne Perry’s novels, set in the historical context of the Victorian or World War I era, are renowned for their meticulous attention to period detail, complex plots, and well-developed characters. Perry weaves intricate stories of mystery and suspense that keep readers engrossed.

She skillfully explores themes of social inequality, justice, and the human condition, with an empathetic portrayal of her characters’ moral dilemmas. Her protagonists, like Thomas Pitt, William Monk, and Daniel Pitt, are endearingly human, grappling with personal and professional challenges while solving crimes.

Readers are drawn into the atmospheric settings, the societal norms of the era, and the gripping narratives that reveal darker undercurrents of society. The evolving relationships and character development over the series also provide a deeper emotional connection, making her books more than just detective stories.

How does Anne Perry’s personal history influence her writing?

How does Anne Perry's personal history influence her writing?
How does Anne Perry’s personal history influence her writing?

Anne Perry’s personal history, particularly her conviction for a part in a murder during her teenage years in New Zealand, has inevitably influenced her work. Her novels often explore themes of guilt, redemption, and the moral complexity of human actions, perhaps reflecting her own experiences and personal journey.

Her understanding of the darker aspects of human nature adds depth to her characters, making them complex and relatable. Moreover, her personal experiences have given her a unique perspective on crime and its motivations, which is reflected in the nuanced portrayal of crimes in her novels.

Why has Anne Perry chosen historical settings for her novels?

Anne Perry’s choice of historical settings for her novels allows her to explore societal norms, class differences, and gender roles of the past, providing a rich backdrop for her stories. These settings offer an atmospheric canvas for her intricate plots, often involving societal scandals, political intrigues, and moral dilemmas.

The societal constraints and the stark class distinctions of the eras lend tension to her narratives, while the historical context provides compelling challenges for her characters, thereby enhancing the suspense and depth of her mysteries.

How has Anne Perry’s writing evolved over the years?

Over the years, Anne Perry’s writing has evolved significantly, reflecting her growth as an author. While her early works focused more on the mystery and detective elements, her later novels delve deeper into social commentary and character development.

Her narratives have become more complex and nuanced, with a greater focus on themes like redemption, justice, and the human condition. Additionally, she has expanded her range, exploring different historical periods and introducing new characters and series, like the World War I series and the Elena Standish series.

How do recurring characters contribute to the charm of Anne Perry’s novels?

Recurring characters are a significant aspect of Anne Perry’s novels’ appeal. Characters like Thomas and Charlotte Pitt or William Monk reappear across the series, allowing readers to follow their journeys over time. This continuity fosters a deep emotional connection between the readers and the characters, making the narratives more engaging.

As characters evolve and navigate personal and professional challenges, readers witness their growth, making the stories more compelling. The evolving relationships, personal dilemmas, and moral conflicts of these characters add depth to the mysteries, making them not just about ‘whodunit’, but also ‘why’ and ‘how’.

In conclusion, Anne Perry’s novels offer an intriguing blend of mystery, historical detail, and character development.

Whether it’s the atmospheric Victorian London of the Thomas and Charlotte Pitt series, the tense courtroom drama in the William Monk books, or the espionage-laden narratives in the World War series, Perry’s books are a delightful journey through time and the human psyche.

As of 2021, she continues to enthrall readers with her prolific storytelling, and one can only look forward to more

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