The Darkest Minds 2: Everything You Need To Know

In this blog post, we’re taking a deeper dive into a fascinating subject for fans of the dystopian genre, specifically those interested in “The Darkest Minds”. This 2018 film, based on Alexandra Bracken’s best-selling series of young adult novels, was a notable addition to the genre.

We’ll delve into the film itself, its reception, and most importantly, we’ll explore the potential for a sequel, “The Darkest Minds 2”.

The Darkest Minds 2

The Darkest Minds (2018)

The Darkest Minds (2018)
The Darkest Minds (2018)

“The Darkest Minds” was released in 2018, capturing the imagination of fans and new viewers alike with its dystopian vision. The film was directed by Jennifer Yuh Nelson and features a world where a disease has killed 98% of children under 20. The surviving 2% develop superhuman abilities and are placed in internment camps by a fearful government.

A 16-year-old girl named Ruby escapes her camp and joins a group of teenagers fleeing government forces.

The film, while providing an exciting journey filled with mystery, danger, and teenage love, did receive mixed reviews upon its release. Some appreciated its unique spin on the dystopian genre and praised its charismatic young cast. However, others were less impressed, pointing out certain cliches and a lack of originality in its storytelling.

The Darkest Minds 2: Will there be a sequel?

As of 2023, there was no official announcement regarding a sequel to “The Darkest Minds”. The first movie was based on a series of books, so there is indeed more source material to pull from for future films.

However, the decision to make a sequel typically hinges on several factors such as the box office success of the previous film, the reception among critics and fans, as well as the interest and availability of the cast and crew.

The mixed reviews and the modest box office performance of “The Darkest Minds” might have made producers hesitant about committing to a sequel immediately. Nevertheless, fans of the movie and the book series continue to hope for a sequel that delves further into the intriguing world created by Alexandra Bracken.

While we don’t have a definitive answer, the potential for “The Darkest Minds 2” remains. If and when any announcements regarding a sequel are made, they will surely be met with great excitement from fans. For now, we’ll have to keep our fingers crossed and wait for any updates from the creators.

What would The Darkest Minds 2 be about? (Spoilers Ahead)

If a sequel to “The Darkest Minds” were to be made, it would likely follow the events of the second book in the series, “Never Fade. Please note that spoilers for the book series are ahead.

In “Never Fade”, Ruby Daly has now joined the Children’s League and is working as an agent. She is sent on a mission to find a flash drive containing vital information about the disease that has decimated the country’s children. During her journey, Ruby reunites with former allies and faces new threats.

Quick Fact: The sequel would continue to explore the themes of survival, friendship, and resistance against oppressive forces. The stakes would be higher as Ruby and her friends discover more about the origins of the disease and their own abilities.

Who would be in it?

Who would be in it?
Who would be in it?

Should a sequel come to fruition, we would expect the core cast to return, depending on the narrative’s focus. This includes:

  • Amandla Stenberg as Ruby Daly
  • Harris Dickinson as Liam Stewart
  • Skylan Brooks as Charles “Chubs” Meriwether
  • Miya Cech as Suzume “Zu” Kimura

Of course, any new characters introduced in “Never Fade” would also need to be cast, adding to the ensemble of talented actors.

The Darkest Minds Books in Order

The Darkest Minds Books in Order
The Darkest Minds Books in Order

The Darkest Minds series consists of four main books and several novellas. Here is the reading order for the main books:

  • “The Darkest Minds”
  • “Never Fade”
  • “In the Afterlight”
  • “The Darkest Legacy”

The first three books follow Ruby Daly’s journey, while the fourth book, “The Darkest Legacy”, takes place five years later and is centered on Zu. There are also three novellas – “In Time”, “Sparks Rise”, and “Beyond the Night”, which provide further depth and background to the series’ world and characters.

What makes “The Darkest Minds” series appealing to its audience?

The Darkest Minds series successfully combines several elements that make it appealing to its audience. Firstly, it incorporates the dystopian genre’s characteristic struggle against oppressive forces, which often resonates with young adult readers.

Secondly, the protagonists are teenagers who are dealing with complex emotions and relationships, making them relatable to the target demographic. Lastly, the series also integrates supernatural elements through the character’s unique abilities, which adds an intriguing layer to the narrative and provides opportunities for exciting, action-packed scenes.

Why were the reviews mixed for the first “The Darkest Minds” movie?

The reviews for the first movie were mixed primarily due to differing perspectives on the film’s execution. Some viewers appreciated its take on the dystopian genre, the performances by the young cast, and the themes it explored. However, others felt that the film didn’t fully escape genre clichés and lacked originality in its storytelling.

Additionally, some critics felt the film didn’t quite capture the depth and complexity of the source material, which can often be a challenge when adapting a book into a film.

What factors could influence the decision to make “The Darkest Minds 2”?

Several factors could influence the decision to make “The Darkest Minds 2”. These include the commercial success of the first film, the reception among critics and fans, and the availability and interest of the cast and crew. Furthermore, the potential success of other similar genre films around the same time could also impact the decision.

Finally, the willingness of the production company to invest in a sequel would be a significant factor.

What could we expect from the storyline of “The Darkest Minds 2”?

If a sequel were to follow the events of the second book in the series, “Never Fade”, we could expect to see Ruby working as an agent for the Children’s League. The storyline would likely involve a mission to recover vital information about the disease that affected the world’s children.

We could also anticipate reunions with former allies, confrontations with new threats, and further exploration of the character’s abilities.

Who are the main characters we can expect to return in “The Darkest Minds 2”?

Should a sequel materialize, it’s likely that the main cast from the first film would return. This includes Amandla Stenberg as Ruby Daly, Harris Dickinson as Liam Stewart, Skylan Brooks as Charles “Chubs” Meriwether, and Miya Cech as Suzume “Zu” Kimura. Of course, this would depend on the specific narrative focus of the sequel.

What are the main themes explored in “The Darkest Minds” series?

The Darkest Minds series explores several themes, including survival in a post-apocalyptic world, friendship and loyalty, resistance against oppressive forces, and self-discovery.

As the characters navigate a world in chaos, they must also grapple with their emerging abilities, interpersonal relationships, and moral dilemmas, adding depth and complexity to these overarching themes.

How does the fourth book, “The Darkest Legacy”, fit into the series?

The Darkest Legacy”, the fourth book in the series, provides a fresh perspective on the world of “The Darkest Minds. It takes place five years after the events of the first three books and focuses on the character of Suzume “Zu” Kimura.

As such, it extends the narrative beyond the original trilogy, offering insight into the longer-term impacts of the events in the series and how the characters navigate their world in the aftermath.


In this blog post, we’ve delved into the world of “The Darkest Minds”, its cinematic adaptation, and the possibility of a sequel. The series combines elements of dystopian fiction and supernatural abilities in a compelling narrative centered on relatable teenage characters.

While the first movie received mixed reviews, the rich source material leaves room for further exploration in potential sequels. Whether “The Darkest Minds 2” becomes a reality is contingent on various factors, but what’s certain is the existing fan base’s eager anticipation for more from this intriguing universe.

Until any official announcements are made, fans can continue to enjoy and draw inspiration from the resilience and camaraderie of Ruby, Liam, Chubs, and Zu.

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