Mitch Rapp Books In Order: Here’s A Complete Guide

Each author has their fans. But, if you want to find an excellent author whose action series has a great central character, captivating plots in each book, and a believable story arc, your best choice is author Vince Flynn.

Flynn is best known as the originating author of the “Mitch Rapp” series of espionage thrillers. Mitch Rapp is a charismatic counter-terrorist who evolves into the consummate CIA operative. Rapp’s character became more prominently known when he was portrayed in the “American Assasin” movie.

If you have read one of Flynn’s books and are now a fan, or became interested in Mitch Rapp by seeing the movie, you should invest your time into reading Vince Flynn’s books in order.
Flynn recommends his books be read in chronological order, as follows:

Vince Flynn Books In Order

1. American Assassin- released 10/12/2010

American Assassin
American Assassin

A Mitch Rapp fan should begin with his origin story, told in this book. This book will explain a lot about how Rapp became the man he is and what led to him becoming the agent he becomes. This prequel combines the sad tale of Rapp’s personal heartbreak with the other events that hone his unique skillset into his CIA personae.

2. Kill Shot – released 12/5/2017

Mitch Rapp’s personal tragedy continues to fill him with an extreme sense of vengeance, and he launches into his first anti­terrorism skirmish. In the course of this conflict, he finds himself trapped in a foreign country. He has to use all his recently acquired skills and expertise to bring himself and the USA back to freedom.

3. Transfer of Power – released 6/30/2020

Transfer of Power
Transfer of Power

This book begins with an account of terrorists who seize control of the White House. The President is safe in his bunker, but what dangers await the American citizen?

As Mitch Rapp’s strategy is spelled out and plans are made to regain control of the White House, you’ll find yourself at the edge of your seat. The details of both forces set against each other are a great example of why Flynn was such a popular author.

4. The Third Option – released 11/5/2000

This book deflects the focus away from the central plot, where Mitch is tasked with terminating a CIA terrorist. It also deals with the succession of a new CIA director, and how opposing political forces attempt to discredit her and prevent her ascension.

In the course of the transition of power, Mitch Rapp is framed and temporarily prevented from helping the director with her quest.

5. Transfer of Power – released 1/1/2001

The forces wanting to control the CIA and its leadership gain in strength, and their ability to influence national military policy, have placed the country in danger. Mitch Rapp and his team don’t have enough political clout to stop the country as it seems headed to an inevitable global war. Or, do they?

6. Executive Power – released 11/6/2003

The forces of several groups who are looking to disrupt the US government and create a mutiny have begun to coalesce. Mitch Rapp finds himself in the middle of these forces – just as notoriety from his past accomplishments has reached him.

Some sinister forces are actively targeting Mitch, and his survival is at risk. His continued development as an evolving agent remains fascinating reading.

7. Memorial Day – released 10/6/2021

Memorial Day
Memorial Day

Some terrorist forces, who feel America has become too complacent, are planning a nuclear strike in Washington, DC, on Memorial Day. Mitch Rapp stands ready to defend the core of the United States’ true values and he is shocked to find how far the terrorist spirit has spread.

From forces in the Middle East to loyal citizens in our Nation’s Capitol, Mitch is involved at every step.

8. Consent to Kill – released 11/3/2020

Even after Mitch Rapp becomes a hero, corrupt forces find a way to discredit him and make him the target of an investigation. This book brings us back to the core of who Mitch Rapp is, and what forces make him both a champion of the country and a newly-suspected villain. The book continues to contrast his personal life with his exploits as an agent.

9. Act of Treason – released 5/24/2012

Act of Treason
Act of Treason

This book shakes things up in a big way. With Al Quaeda agents in the Capitol and a Jihadi cell almost next door, this book brings Rapp’s struggles from the personal back to the National.
With as many twists and turns as a carnival funhouse, this book will keep you fascinated by Mitch Rapp’s saga and its many developments.

10. Protect and Defend – released 10/1/2007

Mitch Rapp has faced some formidable terrorists. This book illustrates his contest against Iranian terrorist Imad Mukhtar. Mukhtar is intent on inviting a war, but he has seriously underestimated Mitch Rapp. As the two are pitted against each other, their contest becomes another story that captures the hearts of readers.

11. Extreme Measures- released 11/3/2020

Extreme Measures
Extreme Measures

In this book, we meet a new agent named Mike Nash. As he and Rapp work together, their fight becomes challenged not only by Al Quaeda but by inner forces within the USA who want to control the way our government responds to the terrorists. The partnership between Nash and Rapp is a fascinating one, and it brings more insight into Rapp’s story arc.

12. Pursuit of Honor released 3/2/2021

Mike Nash works with Rapp again, in the aftermath of a terrorist attack that killed over a hundred Americans. The nation’s political struggles for political power are set against our ongoing struggle against the USA’s international war on terrorists. This book again explores the way Rapp works with and defers to a capable partner.

13. The Last Man – released 4/6/2021

The Last Man
The Last Man

Once again, we learn more about the personal side of Mitch Rapp. Although his work with the CIA is normally his priority, when his friend Joe Flickman is reported missing, Rapp puts all his efforts into finding his friend. If the forces that oppose Rapp thought he was a formidable opponent before, they will find him twice as fierce during this contest.

Expert Tip: This book is a favorite of many Rapp fans; solely due to the diversity of its plot.

14. The Survivor- released 10/6/2021

This was the first of the Mitch Rapp books to be written by Kyle Mills. In a plot that brought readers many of the familiar Rapp-inspired themes, Mills takes up the mantle with some minor (but tolerable) style changes. Most readers were relieved to find Rapp’s saga didn’t end with Flynn’s death, and were quick to indulge his “creative differences.”

15. Order to Kill – released 6/1/2021

Order to Kill
Order to Kill

This book has its eyes on Russia and its reported plot against the USA. Russia is intent on finding and utilizing a Pakistani nuclear arsenal as both a bargaining chip and a weapon.

16. Enemy of the State – released 7/6/2021

This book has Mitch Rapp leaving the CIA, but he hasn’t stopped defending his country. When a Saudi plot threatens the USA, Rapp assembles a team of counterterrorism experts to take the Saudi team down.

Because of some misunderstanding by his former team, Rapp (with his team) is also pursued by some of his countrymen.

17. Red War – released 1/1/2018

Red War
Red War

In this book, the USA finds itself challenged by a mentally unstable enemy a desperate man who is driven by his desperation. The Russian president, who is terminally ill and has nothing else to lose, decides to go to war against the West.

As this terrorist loses mental control and wreaks havoc on the global scene, Mitch Rapp has to sneak into Russia and attempt to execute this dangerous man.

18. Lethal Agent – released 9/24/2019

In this book, the evil planned for the USA comes in the form of a disease. ISIS decides to attack our country by using blow darts to infect people with Anthrax. There is also trouble in Mexico, and the internal political climate is also brewing trouble. Mitch Rapp brings his usual expertise to all these problems.

19. Total Power – released 9/13/2022

Total Power
Total Power

The terrorists in this book are planning a cyberattack. If Mitch Rapp doesn’t find a way to stop them, the terrorists will control the nation’s power grid. With so much at stake and so many ways it could go wrong, Rapp must be both skillful and careful.

20. Enemy at the Gates – released 9/14/2021

In this book, we learn about trust and distrust and find surprises about who is truly loyal to the country. This book received an increase in the series’ readers, as they discovered Kyle Mills knew precisely how to deliver the same type of thrilling plots as Flynn had provided.

21. Oath of Loyalty – released 9/13/2022

Oath of Loyalty
Oath of Loyalty

With the US President convinced Mitch Rapp is a personal threat, the CIA director decides to request a truce between them. Mitch Rapp is asked to leave the USA. As the President becomes more desperate, he threatens Rapp’s partner, Claudia. Forced to protect his partner and his own reputation, he must now fight a powerful assassin named Legion.

22. Term Limits – released 6/1/1998

A triple political assassination shocks Washington, DC. The assassins then threaten more killings if the government does not “return power to the people”. A team of CIA and FBI agents bands together to thwart the terrorists. Their leader, Michael O’Rourke, uses his own personal history to bring the episode to a satisfactory conclusion.

There are 22 Mitch Rapp books on this list, and they were not released in chronological order. (Terminal Limit was Vince Flynn’s first book and it did not feature Mitch Rapp.) When Vince Flynn passed away, the authorship of the Mitch Rapp series was passed to writer Kyle Mills. Of the titles on this list, numbers 14-22 were written by Kyle Mills.

Fans of the Vince Flynn-authored Mitch Rapp books praise their use of relevant events like the Lockerbie explosion. They also praise Flynn’s ability to craft sparse but eloquent descriptions. As more information reaches the public concerning the extent of the CIA’s activities, a hero like Mitch Rapp gives his readers someone to root for.

While Rapp is by no means an angel, he is someone Flynn helped us to understand and to root for. American readers of action stories long to see terrorists vanquished, evil thwarted, and see the good guys triumph.

Flynn’s fans read his books for the thrills, the action sequences, and the satisfaction of Rapp’s successful vanquishing of America’s enemies. Comparisons of Flynn to other action stories authors, such as Tom Clancy or Robert Ludlum appreciate Flynn’s concise prose. Flynn doesn’t sacrifice any needed words, yet allows readers to see all the action they crave.

Kyle Mills was chosen to take over the writing of the Mitch Rapp series. He was chosen by Vince Flynn’s estate, and his publisher, Emily Bestler.

The first Mitch Rapp book Mills worked on was “The Survivor”. That book was begun by Vince Flynn, and finished by Mills. Though some fans felt there were some minor differences in writing style between Flynn and Mills, they soon warmed to Mills’ handling of the Rapp series.

They especially liked the way Mills moved Rapp’s adventure to more modern conflicts like chemical warfare, energy control, and cyber-terrorism. Mitch Rapp can sincerely thank Vince Flynn for introducing them to Mitch. Flynn used a popular book genre and gave us a believable, sympathetic hero who we could all admire and root for.

Within the action genre, the protagonist usually walks tall. He is an expert marksman, a martial arts expert, a political strategist, a forensic investigator, and someone with a sad or supernatural backstory.

I’m thankful supernatural powers play no part in Mitch Rapp’s life. He tragically loses the woman he loves, to terrorists, at the beginning of the first book, and this serves as the beginning of his motivation to fight against terrorists.

Fans of this series agree the 22 Mitch Rapp books have served to entertain us and keep us wa rung more. With rumors that Mills may have quit, here’s hoping the estate finds another author to keep up Mitch Rapp’s story.

What Should You Read if You Like Mitch Rapp?

What should you read if you like Mitch Rapp?
What should you read if you like Mitch Rapp?

If you’re a fan of the “Mitch Rapp” series books by Vince Flynn, or if you became fascinated by Rapp while watching the action-packed “American Assassin” movie, you may wonder which other books you might like.

Rapp’s role as a counter-terrorism agent for the CIA thrilled readers in Flynn’s 22 books. Mitch Rapp fans were relieved that Kyle Mills so capably took on the series after Vince Flynn’s death, but Mills has decided to end the series. So, what should Mitch Rapp fans read?

Many readers would unanimously nominate popular author TOM CLANCY especially his “The Hunt For Red October.” Many readers feel Clancy and Flynn have similar styles. Clancy’s descriptions of espionage and military intelligence have been praised for their seeming accuracy by his readers.

LEE CHILDS’ Jack Reacher shouldn’t be ignored as an alternative series, but most Mitch Rapp fans are likely to have already read Reacher.

Another author who seems to capture a thrilling picture of military intrigue is BRAD THOR, in his book, “The Lions of Lucerne.” If a Presidential kidnapping isn’t thrilling enough for you, the portrayal of Scot Havath as the main character is said to be masterful.

Havath’s character also appears in other books by Thor- which will delight readers specifically looking for a new series to read. If you keep reading these talented authors you are sure to find a new adventure.

Can you read the Mitch Rapp series out of order?

Can you read the Mitch Rapp series out of order?
Can you read the Mitch Rapp series out of order?

The Mitch Rapp Saga is composed of significant stories about the adventures and journey of a talented collegiate athlete Mitch Rapp who seeks revenge for the Pan Am Lockerbie atrocity.

There are intricate details about Rapp’s six-month intensive training program with other cover agents under the guidance of CIA Operations Director Thomas Stansfield and protege Irene Kennedy.

Thus, if you don’t get the chance to read the books in the most appropriate order, you would not entirely comprehend the important events that lead to other important events in the story. To fully appreciate this series’ journey, it is strongly advised to read the books in the right chronological order.

The 22 book volumes that make up The Sage have a clear idea and significant consequences for Mitch Rapp’s progress toward his objective and purpose. Each book introduces new characters, so if you don’t read them in order, you’ll get confused and unable to follow the events.

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