Complete List Of Jack Carr’s Books In Order

In the thrilling world of military and espionage fiction, Jack Carr stands out as a prominent author, lending authenticity and depth to his characters and plotlines. A former Navy SEAL, Carr channels his real-world experience into novels that capture the essence of modern warfare and global conspiracies.

His work has garnered a loyal following of readers who eagerly await each new installment. In this article, we will provide you with a concise list of Jack Carr’s books in chronological order, making it easy for both newcomers and existing fans to navigate through his gripping stories.

Jack Carr Books In Order

Jack Carr Books in Order (Quick List)

Jack Carr Books in Order
Jack Carr Books in Order
  • “The Terminal List” (2018)
  • “True Believer” (2019)
  • “Savage Son” (2020)
  • “The Devil’s Hand” (2021)
  • “In The Blood” (2022)
  • “Only The Dead” (2023)

And there you have it! This list is a quick guide to help you follow Jack Carr’s storytelling journey. Whether you are just getting started or looking to catch up, this list will help you get your bearings in the action-packed universe Carr has created. Happy reading!

Who is Jack Carr?

Who is Jack Carr?
Who is Jack Carr?

Jack Carr is an American author known for his action-packed military and espionage novels. Before becoming a full-time writer, Carr served as a Navy SEAL for over 20 years, including deployments in Iraq and Afghanistan. This real-world experience adds a layer of authenticity to his books, making him a standout in the genre.

His novels, starting with “The Terminal List,” have garnered significant acclaim and a loyal following of readers eager for each new installment.

Quick Fact: Carr’s background not only enriches his storytelling but also grants him the authority to dive into intricate details of military operations, strategy, and global espionage.

The Terminal List TV Show Adaptation

The Terminal List TV Show Adaptation
The Terminal List TV Show Adaptation

“The Terminal List” has been adapted into a television series, underscoring the story’s mass appeal and the potency of Carr’s writing. Starring Chris Pratt in the leading role of James Reece, the show aims to capture the intensity, drama, and complexity found in the book.

The adaptation has caught the attention of both fans of the novel and newcomers, serving as a visual counterpart to Carr’s immersive world. Its production involves a blend of talented actors, directors, and writers who work to bring the high-stakes environment of “The Terminal List” to the small screen.

Summary of each book

Jack Carr, a former Navy SEAL turned author, has captivated audiences with his thrilling military and espionage novels. Known for the depth and authenticity he brings to the genre, Carr has written a series of books that follow the protagonist James Reece, an ex-SEAL navigating a world of high-stakes warfare, personal vendettas, and global conspiracies.

Here’s a quick rundown of the books in their chronological order:

1. “The Terminal List” (2018)

The Terminal List (2018)
The Terminal List (2018)

In this gripping debut, Navy SEAL Commander James Reece finds his entire team ambushed during a high-stakes covert mission. Reece barely survives, and upon his return home, he faces the devastating news that his family has been mysteriously killed. Devastated and with nothing to lose, he starts piecing together the disturbing truth.

He uncovers a deep-rooted conspiracy that not only led to the massacre of his team but also involved powerful individuals within the U.S. government. Bent on revenge and fueled by a list of those responsible, Reece becomes a one-man army as he embarks on a relentless mission to bring justice to those who have ruined his life.

2. “True Believer” (2019)

True Believer (2019)
True Believer (2019)

Having left behind a life of violence, James Reece tries to find solace in the anonymity of the wilderness. However, he’s reluctantly pulled back into action when new threats emerge. Reece is tasked with taking down an extremist leader whose actions could plunge the world into geopolitical chaos.

Along the way, Reece discovers connections that force him to confront his past, as he finds himself part of a deeper conspiracy that’s far larger than he ever imagined. The mission takes him around the globe, from the violent backstreets of Caracas to war-torn Syria, as he battles time and enemies to prevent catastrophe.

3. “Savage Son” (2020)

Savage Son (2020)
Savage Son (2020)

In this installment, James Reece’s life seems to be getting back on track, but a new adversary has set his sights on him a Russian oligarch and former military officer with a twisted admiration for hunting the most dangerous game: humans. This enemy not only understands Reece’s combat skills but also aims to test them in a sadistic game of cat and mouse.

Reece finds himself in the crosshairs, fighting for his life and those of his loved ones. The stakes are high, and Reece must rely on his wits, his training, and a handful of allies to survive.

4. “The Devil’s Hand” (2021)

The Devil's Hand (2021)
The Devil’s Hand (2021)

The fourth book in the series takes James Reece into the heart of a new kind of warfare. With the U.S. still recovering from a series of attacks, Reece identifies patterns that suggest another significant terror strike is imminent. This time, the threat is a potential bio-weapon that could decimate the population.

Racing against the clock, Reece joins forces with a team of operatives to prevent the unthinkable. As he follows the trail from shadowy enclaves in the U.S. to dangerous locations abroad, he must also grapple with enemies who are all too familiar with his tactics.

Expert Tip: These summaries should give you a more comprehensive idea of what each Jack Carr book entails. While best enjoyed in sequence, each novel offers its own self-contained story that adds depth and dimension to the saga of James Reece. Happy reading!

Do Jack Carr Novels Need to Be Read in Order?

While each of Jack Carr’s novels can stand alone as an action-packed story complete with its own set of missions, adversaries, and resolutions, reading them in chronological order provides a richer experience. The books follow James Reece as he evolves, grapples with past decisions, and faces increasingly complex challenges.

The backstory and character development that unfold from book to book adds layers of complexity and meaning that might be missed if read out of sequence. Therefore, to fully appreciate the depth of the characters and the overarching themes, it’s recommended to read the novels in the order they were published.

Why is “The Terminal List” Show So Different From the Book?

Adapting a book into a television series often involves a series of creative decisions that may diverge from the source material for various reasons:

  • Pacing: A TV series has to maintain a certain pacing that keeps viewers engaged from episode to episode, which may require condensing or expanding upon events in the book.
  • Visual Storytelling: Some elements in a book can be internal and abstract, like a character’s thoughts or backstory, and are difficult to portray visually. As a result, the show may add scenes or characters that convey these elements in a more externally visible way.
  • Audience: The television adaptation might aim to appeal to a broader or different audience than the book, leading to changes in tone, content, or character dynamics.
  • Creative License: The creators, including writers and directors, may bring their own interpretations and visions to the material. These can add new angles or dimensions not present in the original book, contributing to the divergence between the two.
  • Length and Scope: The length of a TV series allows for the exploration of subplots or characters that might be briefly mentioned or entirely absent in the book. This can enrich the story but also create noticeable differences between the two formats.

While some fans of the book may find these changes jarring, they are often made with the intent of optimizing the story for the medium of television. Whether one is better than the other can be subjective and dependent on individual preferences for storytelling.

What Makes Jack Carr’s Real-world Experience Unique in the Genre of Military Fiction?

What makes Jack Carr's real-world experience unique in the genre of Military Fiction?
What makes Jack Carr’s real-world experience unique in the genre of Military Fiction?

Jack Carr’s novels stand out in the military fiction genre due to his real-life experience as a Navy SEAL. While many authors do extensive research to lend authenticity to their military novels, Carr has lived through the operations, tactics, and emotions that he describes.

His in-depth understanding of field operations, weaponry, and the psychological toll of warfare enables him to create realistic and compelling narratives. This hands-on knowledge allows him to delve into the nitty-gritty details of military life and espionage, which adds layers of authenticity that are often missing in works by authors who haven’t served.

Readers find this firsthand experience enthralling and it provides a heightened sense of realism to his stories.

How Do The Themes in Jack Carr’s Books Reflect Current Global Issues?

Jack Carr’s novels often touch on timely and relevant topics such as terrorism, geopolitical instability, and the ethical implications of warfare. These themes resonate deeply with contemporary audiences because they reflect real-world anxieties and questions about global security, government transparency, and the true costs of conflict.

Quick Fact: Carr’s ability to weave these global issues into high-stakes, action-packed narratives makes his books not just thrilling reads, but also thought-provoking explorations of the complex world we live in today.

How Do Jack Carr’s Characters Develop Over the Series?

Character development is a strong component of Jack Carr’s writing. James Reece, the protagonist, undergoes significant changes from one book to the next. Initially driven by a singular focus on revenge, Reece’s motivations and worldview expand as he encounters new challenges and allies.

His emotional and psychological journey adds an additional layer of complexity to the fast-paced, action-oriented plots. Supporting characters are also well-developed, with their own backstories and arcs that intertwine with Reece’s missions. This focus on character development enriches the reading experience and keeps fans invested in the series.

What is the Appeal of the James Reece Character?

James Reece is a complex, multi-faceted protagonist who embodies traits of heroism, vulnerability, and intelligence. His depth makes him relatable and compelling. While he is highly skilled and nearly unmatched in combat situations, he also grapples with personal loss, ethical dilemmas, and moral complexities that make him human.

His character appeals to readers who enjoy a hero who can outshoot, outfight, and outthink his enemies but also has emotional depth and human flaws.

Why Has “The Terminal List” Been Adapted Into a Television Series?

“The Terminal List” was adapted into a television series because of its compelling storytelling, intricate plot, and the mass appeal of military espionage narratives. The story lends itself well to visual storytelling formats like TV, where the high-stakes action sequences and complex character relationships can be depicted in an even more immersive way.

The adaptation allows for the narrative to be expanded upon, giving the audience a chance to explore subplots and character arcs in greater depth.

How Do Jack Carr’s Novels Appeal to Readers Who Are Not Usually Fans of Military Fiction?

While the core audience for Jack Carr’s novels is those who enjoy military fiction, the books have elements that appeal to a broader readership. The intricate plotting, character development, and themes touching on broader social and ethical issues attract readers who may not typically pick up a military-themed book.

The stories are not just about warfare; they also explore human relationships, moral dilemmas, and questions of identity, providing multiple entry points for different types of readers.

Is There an Educational Aspect to Reading Jack Carr’s Novels?

Yes, there’s an educational angle to Jack Carr’s novels, particularly for readers unfamiliar with military life, tactics, and global politics. His books offer an insider’s perspective on the world of special operations, intelligence gathering, and national security.

Terms and procedures are often explained, giving readers insight into the often secretive and specialized world of military operations. While the primary goal is entertainment, readers come away with a greater understanding of the complexities and challenges faced by individuals in these high-stakes professions.


Jack Carr’s novels offer an intriguing blend of action-packed storytelling, realistic military detail, and thought-provoking themes. From understanding why his real-world experience adds a layer of authenticity to his narratives, to exploring the multifaceted characters and topical themes, it’s clear that Carr’s works are much more than run-of-the-mill military fiction.

Whether you’re a long-time fan of the genre or a newcomer looking for a series that offers both excitement and depth, Carr’s books are worth picking up. As the series progresses and even makes its way onto television, one thing is clear: Jack Carr has successfully captured the imaginations of a diverse and growing audience.

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