Karen Kingsbury Books In Order: A Full Guide

Karen Kingsbury, often hailed as “America’s favorite inspirational storyteller,” has managed to capture the hearts of millions through her compelling novels. Kingsbury’s works often explore themes of faith, family, and love, leaving her readers both entertained and profoundly moved.

Her rich collection of over 100 books includes standalone novels, children’s books, and a multitude of series, each weaving a tale that stays with the reader long after the book is closed. This blog post aims to provide a comprehensive listing of Kingsbury’s books in chronological order, as well as delve into the life and career of this prolific author.

Karen Kingsbury Books In Order
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Karen Kingsbury Books in Order (Quick List)

Karen Kingsbury Books in Order
Karen Kingsbury Books in Order

Baxter Family Series

  • Redemption Series: “Redemption” (2002), “Remember” (2003), “Return” (2003), “Rejoice” (2004), “Reunion” (2004).
  • Firstborn Series: “Fame” (2005), “Forgiven” (2005), “Found” (2006), “Family” (2006), “Forever” (2007).
  • Sunrise Series: “Sunrise” (2007), “Summer” (2007), “Someday” (2008), “Sunset” (2008).
  • Above the Line Series: “Take One” (2009), “Take Two” (2009), “Take Three” (2010), “Take Four” (2010).
  • Bailey Flanigan Series: “Leaving” (2011), “Learning” (2011), “Longing” (2011), “Loving” (2012).
  • The Baxters Take Series: “The Baxters Take One” (2011), “The Baxters Take Two” (2011), “The Baxters Take Three” (2011), “The Baxters Take Four” (2012).
  • Coming Home: A Story of Undying Hope (2012).
  • The Baxter Family Collection: “Love Story” (2017), “In This Moment” (2017), “To the Moon and Back” (2018), “When We Were Young” (2018), “Two Weeks” (2019), “Someone Like You” (2020), “Truly, Madly, Deeply” (2020).

Lost Love Series:

  • “Even Now” (2005)
  • “Ever After” (2006)

Red Gloves Series:

  • “Gideon’s Gift” (2002)
  • “Maggie’s Miracle” (2003)
  • “Sarah’s Song” (2004)
  • “Hannah’s Hope” (2005)

9/11 Series:

  • “One Tuesday Morning” (2003)
  • “Beyond Tuesday Morning” (2004)
  • “Remember Tuesday Morning” (2007)

Angels Walking Series:

  • “Angels Walking” (2014)
  • “Chasing Sunsets” (2015)
  • “Brush of Wings” (2016).

And more standalone novels and collections including “A Time to Dance” (2001), “A Time to Embrace” (2002), “Between Sundays” (2008), “This Side of Heaven” (2009), “Unlocked” (2010), “The Bridge” (2012), “The Chance” (2013), “Fifteen Minutes” (2013), “The Friends of Jesus” (2015), “Love Story: A Novel” (2017), and “When We Were Young” (2018).

Expert Tip: Please note that this list includes only some of Kingsbury’s many works and does not include her children’s books or non-fiction works.

Who is Karen Kingsbury?

Who is Karen Kingsbury?
Who is Karen Kingsbury?

Karen Kingsbury, born on June 8, 1963, is a renowned American Christian novelist known for her life-changing, emotionally gripping stories. Before establishing her career as an author, Kingsbury worked as a reporter for the Los Angeles Times.

Her work as a journalist, with its rigorous demands for accurate, compelling storytelling, laid the groundwork for her later success as a novelist.

Since publishing her first novel in 1991, Kingsbury has written more than 100 books, with over 25 million copies in print. Her novels have topped best-seller lists of The New York Times, USA Today, and The Wall Street Journal. Many of her novels have also been adapted for the screen, including the popular “Baxter Family” series.

Kingsbury’s novels often explore complex themes like faith, forgiveness, love, and loss. Her rich, dimensional characters and thought-provoking plots resonate with a broad audience, making her one of the most beloved contemporary authors of Christian fiction.

Today, she continues to touch countless lives through her work, offering hope and inspiration to her readers around the world.

summary of each series

Baxter Family Series

Baxter Family Series
Baxter Family Series

The Baxter family series is arguably Kingsbury’s most popular collection, a saga spread over multiple sub-series, centering around the Baxter family’s life, love, loss, and faith. The stories reflect the experiences of the family as they navigate through the complexities of life, learning to lean on their faith and each other.

  • The Redemption series follows the five adult Baxter children as they face life’s trials and tribulations, leaning on their faith and family for support.
  • The Firstborn series continues the Baxter family saga focusing on Dayne Matthews, the firstborn of John Baxter.
  • The Sunrise series takes a turn towards the next generation, capturing the Baxters’ joys and sorrows as they navigate their lives.
  • The Above the Line series showcases the tumultuous Hollywood life from a Christian perspective, featuring the Baxters and their friends.
  • The Bailey Flanigan series spotlights the youngest Baxter, Bailey, and her journey to adulthood, love, and faith.
  • The Baxters Take series is about the Baxter family’s heartwarming return to their origins, focusing on their undying love and faith.
  • Coming Home and The Baxter Family Collection are sequels that tell the continuing story of the Baxter family.

Lost Love Series

Lost Love Series
Lost Love Series

This series follows Emily Anderson, a college girl who uncovers a love story between her biological parents. It’s a tale of rediscovered love, heart-wrenching decisions, and faith in God’s plan.

Red Gloves Series

Red Gloves Series
Red Gloves Series

This series is a collection of heartwarming Christmas stories. Each story revolves around the gift of a pair of red gloves, symbolizing love, hope, and the true spirit of Christmas.

9/11 Series

9/11 Series
9/11 Series

The 9/11 series presents a moving tale of love and loss in the backdrop of the horrific September 11 terrorist attacks. It explores the themes of faith, healing, and love.

Angels Walking Series

Angels Walking Series
Angels Walking Series

This series centers on divine interventions by angels walking on earth. Through dramatic plots and relatable characters, Kingsbury explores the idea that God’s miracles often happen when angels walk among us.

Stand-Alone Novels

Stand-Alone Novels
Stand-Alone Novels

Kingsbury has also written numerous stand-alone novels that do not belong to any series but share the common theme of love, loss, faith, and redemption. Each novel presents a unique storyline, rich with Kingsbury’s signature emotional depth and spiritual insights.

Remember that these are very brief summaries. Karen Kingsbury’s books offer depth and nuanced portrayals of complex characters facing real-world struggles, all through a faith-based lens. They are sure to provide a rewarding reading experience.

How many Karen Kingsbury books are there?

Karen Kingsbury has been quite prolific in her writing career, having written more than 100 books. However, you may want to verify the most up-to-date numbers as Kingsbury continues to write and publish new works. Her books include standalone novels, series, children’s books, and non-fiction, with over 25 million copies of her books in print.

What was the first book written by Karen Kingsbury?

Karen Kingsbury’s first book was “Missy’s Murder” (1991), a true crime novel. This book was based on a murder case that she reported on during her time as a journalist for the Los Angeles Times. The novel marked the beginning of her writing career, but it was a departure from the inspirational fiction she later became known for.

However, Kingsbury’s first foray into Christian fiction, the genre she’s most associated with, was “Where Yesterday Lives,” published in 1997. This novel also marked the beginning of her transition away from crime reporting and journalism towards inspirational storytelling.

“Where Yesterday Lives” is a standalone novel about a woman torn between her love for her husband and memories of her old flame. It’s a beautiful story about the complexities of love, faith, and the choices one makes.

It’s important to note that Kingsbury’s career as an author started as a journalist and crime writer. She eventually transitioned to Christian fiction, becoming one of the leading authors in the genre.

Quick Fact: Her storytelling ability, combined with her ability to convey complex emotional and spiritual themes, has made her a beloved author to millions of readers worldwide.

Who are the primary characters in Karen Kingsbury’s Baxter Family series?

The Baxter Family series revolves around the Baxter family, consisting of John and Elizabeth Baxter and their children. The couple has five adult children – Brooke, Kari, Ashley, Erin, and Luke – each with unique experiences, strengths, and struggles.

The stories of the Baxter family continue in the various sub-series, introducing additional characters like Bailey Flanigan and Dayne Matthews. Each character grows and develops throughout the series, facing life’s joys and sorrows with faith and resilience.

How does Karen Kingsbury’s background in journalism influence her writing style?

Kingsbury’s early career as a journalist had a profound influence on her writing style. Her experience as a reporter for the Los Angeles Times honed her storytelling abilities, allowing her to construct engaging, compelling narratives.

Journalistic writing requires a high degree of accuracy and attention to detail, which are evident in Kingsbury’s detailed and vivid descriptions. Her books often tackle complex emotional and social issues, a trait that can be traced back to her days covering real-life events and stories.

Her journalistic background also allows her to research thoroughly and maintain the authenticity of the settings and situations she describes in her novels.

Why are Karen Kingsbury’s novels categorized as Christian Fiction, and what themes do they typically explore?

Karen Kingsbury’s novels are categorized as Christian Fiction because they weave themes of Christian faith into their narratives. Kingsbury uses the genre to delve into life’s complexities, portraying how characters utilize their faith as a guiding force amidst trials and tribulations.

Themes of love, forgiveness, redemption, and hope often feature prominently, providing readers with spiritually uplifting messages. Through her stories, Kingsbury offers her readers an exploration of faith in everyday life and how it can provide strength, comfort, and guidance during challenging times.

What kind of reception have Kingsbury’s novels received, both from readers and critics?

Karen Kingsbury’s novels have been incredibly well-received, both by readers and critics. Her books have consistently topped best-seller lists, including those of The New York Times, USA Today, and The Wall Street Journal. Her engaging storytelling, compelling characters, and powerful themes have earned her the title “America’s favorite inspirational storyteller.”

Readers often praise Kingsbury’s ability to craft emotionally moving stories that offer hope, inspiration, and a positive perspective on life. Critics commend her storytelling prowess, the emotional depth of her characters, and her ability to discuss faith in a way that resonates with a wide audience.

How have Karen Kingsbury’s novels impacted popular culture?

Karen Kingsbury’s novels have made a significant impact on popular culture, particularly within the realm of Christian fiction. Several of her books have been adapted for television, including the beloved Baxter Family series, further expanding her reach and influence.

Kingsbury has played a significant role in elevating the genre of Christian fiction, demonstrating its capacity for deep, emotional storytelling that resonates with a broad audience. Her books have touched countless lives, offering messages of hope, redemption, and faith that transcend the boundaries of the printed page.

What makes the Lost Love series unique among Kingsbury’s works?

The Lost Love series stands out in Kingsbury’s body of work because it specifically explores the theme of love lost and then rediscovered. While many of Kingsbury’s books involve elements of love and romance, the Lost Love series takes a deep dive into what it means to lose love and then find it again in unexpected ways.

It’s a powerful exploration of romantic love, but it also looks at love from a broader perspective, including familial love and divine love. The series’ ability to explore love in all its forms makes it a captivating read.

What are some distinctive features of Kingsbury’s writing style?

Kingsbury’s writing style is distinctive for its emotional depth, rich characterization, and vivid storytelling. She has a unique ability to create characters who are relatable, with their struggles and triumphs resonating with readers. Kingsbury excels in crafting narratives that tug at the heartstrings, often leaving readers both entertained and profoundly moved.

Her stories typically incorporate elements of faith, hope, and love, offering readers an uplifting message. Despite tackling complex themes, her writing remains accessible, making her books appealing to a wide range of readers.

Who is the target audience for Karen Kingsbury’s books?

Karen Kingsbury’s books, classified as Christian Fiction, primarily target readers who enjoy faith-based narratives. However, the universal themes of love, loss, hope, and redemption in her books attract a wider audience. Readers who appreciate character-driven stories with emotional depth will find Kingsbury’s works engaging.

Her stories often depict realistic life situations, and readers of all backgrounds can identify with the struggles, triumphs, and spiritual journeys of her characters.

How does Karen Kingsbury maintain continuity throughout the Baxter Family series?

Kingsbury maintains continuity throughout the Baxter Family series through consistent character development and story progression. She carefully crafts her characters’ journeys through various life stages and circumstances. The historical and interpersonal consistency across the books also allows for a seamless transition from one series to the next.

Quick Fact: Kingsbury’s meticulous planning and attention to detail ensure that the narratives are cohesive, enhancing the reader’s engagement with the Baxter Family’s multi-generational saga.

How does Kingsbury’s approach to character development contribute to the success of her books?

Kingsbury’s approach to character development significantly contributes to the success of her books. Her characters are three-dimensional, with their own sets of strengths, weaknesses, aspirations, and fears. She portrays them in a relatable way, experiencing genuine emotions and facing realistic life challenges.

Kingsbury’s characters grow and evolve over time, learning from their experiences and becoming stronger through their faith. This dynamic character development enables readers to connect deeply with her characters, making her books all the more compelling.

What sets the 9/11 series apart from Kingsbury’s other works?

The 9/11 series stands out from Kingsbury’s other works due to its historical context. Set against the backdrop of the horrific September 11 terrorist attacks, the series provides a poignant exploration of loss, grief, and healing. It underscores the power of faith and love amidst tragedy.

While Kingsbury’s works generally deal with life’s challenges and the role of faith in overcoming them, the 9/11 series does so within a specific and significant historical event, adding a layer of depth and resonance to the narrative.

What role does faith play in Kingsbury’s novels?

Faith plays a central role in Kingsbury’s novels. Her characters often face challenging circumstances, and their faith serves as a beacon of hope and strength. Kingsbury incorporates faith into her stories in a way that feels organic and integral to the narrative.

Faith is not just a theme in her books, but it drives the characters’ decisions and shapes their perspectives on life. Kingsbury’s portrayal of faith adds a profound spiritual dimension to her books, offering readers a source of inspiration and comfort.

Has Karen Kingsbury received any awards or recognitions for her work?

Yes, Karen Kingsbury has received numerous awards and recognitions for her outstanding contributions to Christian Fiction. She has been a recipient of the Retailer’s Choice Award, the Evangelical Christian Publishers Association (ECPA) Gold Medallion Book Award, and the Christian Book of the Year Award, among others.

Kingsbury’s ability to touch readers’ hearts through her storytelling has earned her these prestigious accolades.

Can Karen Kingsbury’s books be read independently or should they be read in order?

While some of Kingsbury’s books, such as her stand-alone novels, can be read independently, series like the Baxter Family series are best read in order to fully appreciate the evolution of the characters and the overarching narrative. However, each book does contain its own distinct storyline, so it is possible to enjoy individual books without having read the others.

Kingsbury skillfully weaves recapitulation into her books, enabling new readers to get a sense of the characters’ histories.


Karen Kingsbury has undeniably left an indelible mark on the genre of Christian Fiction. Her emotionally charged narratives, relatable characters, and the central theme of faith make her books a beacon of hope and solace for many readers. Her prolific writing career, featuring over 100 books and numerous bestsellers, stands as a testament to her storytelling prowess.

Whether you’re navigating the trials and triumphs of the Baxter family, immersing yourself in a lost love rediscovered, or drawing strength from faith in times of crisis, Kingsbury’s books offer an enriching, uplifting reading experience.

As Kingsbury continues to write and inspire, readers can look forward to more thought-provoking, heartwarming stories that celebrate faith, love, and the human spirit.

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