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Sara Cook

Professional Writer
  • Professional Writer, Poet, and Novelist with a deep-rooted passion for storytelling and innovative narratives.
  • Attained a Bachelor's degree in Creative Writing from the esteemed Portland State University.
  • Work prominently featured in reputable platforms like Forbes and TheWritersHQ.

Experience Sara Cook isn't just a writer; she is an architect of words and worlds. As a lead writer, Sara approaches storytelling with a blend of methodical precision and boundless creativity. She believes in the collaborative heart of narrative creation, emphasizing vision setting, meticulous structuring, and iterative refining. To Sara, writing isn't just an art; it's a dialogue between the author, the narrative, and the audience. Outside the realms of written words, her passions range from the tactile joy of bookbinding and the delicate art of calligraphy to the timeless allure of vintage radio dramas and the historical journey through ancient sites. Whether crafting a poignant poem, weaving a sprawling novel, or binding the pages that hold tales, Sara embodies the spirit of a true storyteller.
Education Sara Cook proudly holds a Bachelor's in Creative Writing from Portland State University, a renowned institution that has been the backbone of her academic and professional prowess in the world of literature and creative writing.

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