The Spy School Series in Order: A Comprehensive Guide

The Spy School series, written by Stuart Gibbs, is a thrilling collection of young adult novels that follow the adventures of middle-schooler Ben Ripley as he joins a secret spy school to become a CIA agent. The series skillfully combines elements of espionage, action, and humor, making it a highly popular choice among young readers.

This blog post is designed to provide you with a complete guide to the Spy School series in chronological order, ensuring that you don’t miss a moment of Ben’s exciting and suspenseful journey through the world of spies and espionage.

Spy School Series In Order

Here’s a list of the Spy School series in order:

List of the Spy School series in order
List the Spy School series in order
  • Spy School (2012)
  • Spy Camp (2013)
  • Evil Spy School (2015)
  • Spy Ski School (2016)
  • Spy School Secret Service (2017)
  • Spy School Goes South (2018)
  • Spy School British Invasion (2019)
  • Spy School Revolution (2020)
  • Spy School at Sea (2021)

About Stuart Gibbs

About Stuart Gibbs
About Stuart Gibbs

Stuart Gibbs is a renowned American author known for his engaging and adventurous children’s and young adult novels. Born on July 31, 1969, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Gibbs began his career as a screenwriter before transitioning to writing novels.

Quick Fact: His passion for storytelling and a deep love for science, mystery, and adventure are evident in his works, which have earned him a wide readership and numerous accolades.

What Is Spy School Series About?

The Spy School series revolves around Benjamin Ripley, a young, gifted student who is recruited by the CIA to attend a top-secret spy school for kids. As Ben embarks on his journey to becoming a spy, he is faced with perilous missions, sinister plots, and unexpected twists that constantly challenge him to think on his feet and rely on his intelligence, courage, and wits.

Along the way, Ben forms friendships, deals with rivalries, and uncovers hidden secrets, all while trying to navigate the treacherous waters of adolescence and espionage.

Summary of each Spy School series book

Spy School (2012):

Spy School (2012)
Spy School (2012)

In the first installment of the series, 12-year-old Benjamin Ripley is unexpectedly recruited by the CIA to attend the top-secret Academy of Espionage. Despite his initial doubts about his capabilities, Ben finds himself at the heart of a dangerous mission to uncover a mole within the spy school.

As Ben navigates the world of espionage and forms new friendships, he must also deal with the challenges of being an ordinary middle schooler. Throughout the novel, Ben learns to rely on his intelligence and resourcefulness to solve puzzles and outsmart enemies, setting the stage for his future adventures as a young spy-in-training.

Spy Camp (2013):

In the second book, Ben is sent to Spy Camp, a summer camp designed to hone the skills of young spies. However, things quickly take a dangerous turn when he receives a death threat from the sinister organization known as SPYDER.

As Ben tries to uncover the identity of his would-be kidnappers and stop SPYDER’s evil plans, he must also grapple with the challenges of surviving the wilderness, forming new alliances, and dealing with a potential romantic interest. Spy Camp showcases Ben’s growth as a character and his ability to handle high-stakes situations with poise and determination.

Evil Spy School (2015):

Evil Spy School (2015)
Evil Spy School (2015)

After being wrongly accused of a crime and expelled from spy school, Ben finds himself unwittingly recruited by the enemy organization SPYDER. Once inside their ranks, Ben is tasked with infiltrating their headquarters to dismantle their operations from within.

As he navigates the treacherous waters of deception and double-crossing, Ben is faced with moral dilemmas and tests of loyalty.

Quick Fact: In this thrilling third installment, readers witness Ben’s resilience and cunning as he seeks to bring down SPYDER while also trying to clear his name and return to the good graces of the CIA.

Spy Ski School (2016):

In the fourth book of the series, Ben and his friends are sent on a mission to the snowy slopes of Colorado, where they must pose as students at an elite ski school. Their objective is to befriend the daughter of a corrupt billionaire with ties to a dangerous criminal organization.

As they navigate the world of high-stakes skiing and elite social circles, Ben and his friends must maintain their cover while gathering crucial intel on their target. Spy Ski School showcases the challenges and excitement of an undercover operation, highlighting Ben’s growth as a spy and his unwavering commitment to the mission.

Spy School Secret Service (2017):

Spy School Secret Service (2017)
Spy School Secret Service (2017)

In the fifth installment, Ben is tasked with infiltrating the White House to uncover a plot against the president. Posing as a member of the Secret Service, Ben must navigate the complex and high-stakes world of presidential security while trying to uncover the mastermind behind the assassination attempt.

As he gets closer to the truth, he discovers that trust is a scarce commodity, and he must rely on his instincts and skills to protect the president and foil the plot. Spy School Secret Service is an action-packed adventure that tests Ben’s skills and courage to their limits.

Spy School Goes South (2018):

In this sixth book, Ben and his friends are sent on a mission to Mexico to locate and apprehend the leaders of the nefarious criminal organization, SPYDER. With the organization planning a major attack, the stakes are higher than ever before. As they venture into enemy territory, Ben and his team must navigate a web of deception, danger, and unexpected alliances.

Spy School Goes South delivers a gripping adventure filled with twists, turns, and the ever-present threat of danger, demonstrating Ben’s continued growth as a skilled and resourceful spy.

Spy School British Invasion (2019):

Spy School British Invasion (2019)
Spy School British Invasion (2019)

When Ben’s girlfriend, Erica, is framed for the theft of a priceless artifact, Ben and his friends must travel to London to prove her innocence and uncover the true culprit. In this seventh installment, they must navigate the unfamiliar world of British espionage, joining forces with MI6 to solve the mystery and expose a dangerous conspiracy.

Along the way, they encounter new allies and old enemies, all while grappling with the challenges of international intrigue and maintaining their cover. Spy School British Invasion is an exciting, fast-paced adventure that tests Ben’s abilities as a spy and deepens his relationships with his friends and fellow agents.

Spy School Revolution (2020):

In the eighth book of the series, a mysterious enemy threatens the very foundations of the United States. When Ben uncovers a centuries-old secret society with ties to the American Revolution, he realizes that the stakes have never been higher.

Tasked with stopping the organization before they can execute their deadly plan, Ben and his friends must embark on a dangerous journey across the country, following a trail of clues and historical artifacts.

Spy School Revolution combines thrilling action with a fascinating exploration of American history, as Ben and his friends race against time to protect their nation from an insidious threat.

Spy School at Sea (2021):

Spy School at Sea (2021)
Spy School at Sea (2021)

In this ninth installment, Ben and his friends are sent on a mission aboard a luxurious cruise ship, where they must uncover the identity of a SPYDER operative who has infiltrated the ranks of the ship’s staff. As they navigate the world of high-seas glamour and intrigue, they must also contend with a series of suspicious accidents and potential sabotage.

With danger lurking around every corner and no one to trust, Ben and his team must rely on their wits, skills, and instincts to solve the mystery and stop the enemy operative before it’s too late. Spy School at Sea delivers a captivating maritime adventure that keeps readers on the edge of their seats, as Ben continues to prove himself as a capable and resourceful spy.

How many books are in The Spy School series?

How many books are in The Spy School series?
How many books are in The Spy School series?

As of September 2021, there are nine books in the Spy School series. How many books are in The Spy School series?

The first book written in the series is titled “Spy School” and was published in 2012. Stuart Gibbs has created a captivating world of espionage and adventure, filled with thrilling missions, unexpected twists, and engaging characters that have captured the hearts of readers of all ages.


In conclusion, the Spy School series offers a thrilling and action-packed journey through the world of young spies and their daring missions. With nine books in the series, readers can follow Benjamin Ripley’s growth as a spy and enjoy the camaraderie, humor, and intrigue that make this series a must-read for fans of mystery and adventure.

Starting with “Spy School” and continuing through each exciting installment, Stuart Gibbs has created an immersive and enthralling world that will keep readers coming back for more. So, if you haven’t already, dive into the thrilling world of the Spy School series and join Ben and his friends on their unforgettable adventures.

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