Dive into the World of Kathy Reichs: A Complete Guide to Her Books in Order

Kathy Reichs, a renowned forensic anthropologist, and bestselling author have captivated readers around the world with her gripping crime novels featuring the brilliant Temperance Brennan. With a unique blend of scientific accuracy and thrilling storytelling, Reichs has earned a devoted fan base that eagerly awaits each new installment.

In this blog post, we’ll explore the world of Kathy Reichs by providing a comprehensive guide to her books in order, allowing both new and existing fans to fully immerse themselves in her captivating stories. Join us as we delve into the gripping tales of forensic investigations and unravel the mysteries that lie within.

Kathy Reich Books In Order

Who is Kathy Reichs?

Who is Kathy Reichs?
Who is Kathy Reichs?

Kathy Reichs is a renowned American forensic anthropologist and bestselling author. Born in Chicago in 1948, she holds a Ph.D. in Physical Anthropology from Northwestern University. Reichs has served as a professor at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte and worked as a consultant for the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner in North Carolina.

Her expertise has also been sought by various organizations, including the United Nations, the FBI, and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.

Reichs’ experiences in the field of forensic anthropology inspired her to create the character of Temperance Brennan, a forensic anthropologist who solves crimes in a series of mystery novels. These books have been published in more than 30 languages and have earned her numerous awards and accolades.

How to Read Kathy Reichs Books in Order

To get the most out of Kathy Reichs’ novels, it’s best to read them in the order they were published. This allows you to follow the character development of Temperance Brennan and fully appreciate the intricacies of each story.

Expert Tip: However, each novel can be read as a standalone, so it’s not necessary to start at the beginning if you happen to pick up a book from the middle of the series.

Temperance Brennan Books in Chronological Order

Below is a list of Kathy Reichs’ Temperance Brennan books in order of publication:

  • Déjà Dead (1997)
  • Death du Jour (1999)
  • Deadly Decisions (2000)
  • Fatal Voyage (2001)
  • Grave Secrets (2002)
  • Bare Bones (2003)
  • Monday Mourning (2004)
  • Cross Bones (2005)
  • Break No Bones (2006)
  • Bones to Ashes (2007)
  • Devil Bones (2008)
  • 206 Bones (2009)
  • Spider Bones (2010) – also published as Mortal Remains
  • Flash and Bones (2011)
  • Bones Are Forever (2012)
  • Bones of the Lost (2013)
  • Bones Never Lie (2014)
  • Speaking in Bones (2015)
  • A Conspiracy of Bones (2020)
  • The Bone Code (2021)
  • Cold, Cold Bones (2022)
  • The Bone Hacker (2023)

By following this reading order, you will be able to fully appreciate the captivating world of forensic anthropology that Kathy Reichs has created and enjoy the thrilling journey of Temperance Brennan as she unravels the mysteries that lie within each novel.

Summary of each Kathy Reich book

Déjà Dead (1997)

Déjà Dead (1997)
Déjà Dead (1997)

In this debut novel, forensic anthropologist Temperance Brennan is called to investigate a grisly discovery: the mutilated body of a woman in Montreal. As she analyzes the evidence, she becomes increasingly convinced that a serial killer is at work.

Despite skepticism from her colleagues, Brennan doggedly pursues the case, following a twisted trail of clues that leads her into the darkest corners of the city. As the body count rises, Brennan must race against time to stop the killer before they strike again.

Death du Jour (1999)

In the second installment, Brennan is juggling multiple cases, including the excavation of a centuries-old graveyard in Quebec and the examination of the charred remains from a suspicious house fire in North Carolina.

As Brennan digs deeper, she uncovers connections between the seemingly unrelated cases, leading her to a dangerous and secretive religious cult. As she gets closer to the truth, Brennan must confront her own demons and battle an enemy who will stop at nothing to protect their secrets.

Deadly Decisions (2000)

Deadly Decisions (2000)
Deadly Decisions (2000)

Brennan finds herself immersed in the world of outlaw motorcycle gangs when she’s called upon to investigate the brutal murder of a young girl caught in the crossfire of a biker war. As Brennan uncovers the hidden world of biker culture, she must navigate a complex web of loyalties, rivalries, and criminal enterprises to find justice for the victim.

Along the way, she is confronted with her own past and must make difficult decisions about where her loyalties lie.

Fatal Voyage (2001)

When a commercial plane crashes in the mountains of North Carolina, Brennan is called in to help identify the remains of the victims. As she works through the wreckage, she discovers a severed foot that doesn’t match any of the passengers.

Quick Fact: Brennan’s investigation into the mysterious limb leads her to a sinister web of intrigue, including an international human trafficking ring and a government conspiracy that reaches the highest levels of power.

Grave Secrets (2002)

Grave Secrets (2002)
Grave Secrets (2002)

In this fifth novel, Brennan travels to Guatemala to assist in the exhumation of a mass grave containing the victims of a decades-old massacre. While there, she is drawn into a contemporary case involving the disappearance of four young women from a wealthy family.

As Brennan works to uncover the truth behind both cases, she finds herself caught in the crosshairs of powerful and dangerous forces determined to keep the past buried.

Bare Bones (2003)

Back in North Carolina, Brennan is confronted with a series of puzzling cases, including the discovery of a newborn’s charred remains in a wood stove and a cache of bones hidden in a remote corner of the state.

As she pieces together the evidence, Brennan uncovers a disturbing pattern of illegal activities, including the smuggling of endangered species and the sale of black-market human organs. To bring the perpetrators to justice, Brennan must rely on her instincts and her expertise in the face of mounting danger.

Monday Mourning (2004)

Monday Mourning (2004)
Monday Mourning (2004)

Brennan returns to Montreal to investigate the remains of three young women discovered in the basement of a pizza parlor. As she works to identify the victims and determine their cause of death, Brennan finds herself drawn into a world of corruption, greed, and violence.

With the help of her longtime friend and lover, Detective Andrew Ryan, Brennan must untangle a web of deceit that spans decades and confront a killer who has evaded justice for far too long.

Cross Bones (2005)

In this eighth installment, Brennan is presented with a set of ancient bones that may be linked to a biblical figure. Her investigation takes her from Montreal to Israel, where she must navigate a maze of religious, political, and historical intrigue. Along the way, she encounters fanatics, zealots, and scholars, all with their own agendas.

As Brennan uncovers the truth behind the ancient remains, she becomes entangled in a deadly conspiracy that threatens to rewrite history and challenge her own beliefs.

Break No Bones (2006)

Break No Bones (2006)
Break No Bones (2006)

Brennan is conducting an archaeological field school on a historic South Carolina island when the students unearth human remains. These recent bones suggest a chilling connection to a series of unsolved disappearances and murders.

Quick Fact: Teaming up with local coroner Emma Rousseau, Brennan works to uncover the identity of the victims and the truth behind their deaths. As the investigation unfolds, they face opposition from powerful forces determined to keep the island’s dark secrets hidden.

Bones to Ashes (2007)

Childhood memories resurface when Brennan is asked to examine the skeletal remains of a young girl found in her hometown of Acadia, Canada. The case takes a personal turn when she realizes the victim may be her long-lost childhood friend, Évangéline.

As Brennan digs deeper into the past, she uncovers a web of secrets and deceit that threatens to shatter her own family and change the course of her life forever.

Devil Bones (2008)

Devil Bones (2008)
Devil Bones (2008)

Brennan faces a disturbing case in Charlotte, North Carolina when a plumber discovers a cache of bones and a severed head in a basement. The evidence points to a subculture of satanic ritual and black magic, igniting a media frenzy and public panic.

As Brennan works to separate fact from fiction, she must contend with a zealous evangelist, a cunning killer, and the weight of her own doubts.

206 Bones (2009)

In this twelfth installment, Brennan wakes up disoriented and imprisoned in a dark, cold space, unable to recall how she got there. As she struggles to piece together her memories, the narrative shifts between her confinement and her recent casework, which involves a series of suspicious deaths.

As the truth emerges, Brennan must confront the chilling realization that the key to her survival lies in uncovering the identity of a ruthless killer.

Spider Bones (2010) – also published as Mortal Remains

Brennan is called to examine the remains of a man who has seemingly died twice, first as a soldier in Vietnam and then again in a recent drowning in Quebec. Her investigation takes her from the morgue in Montreal to the Joint POW/MIA Accounting Command in Hawaii, where she uncovers a web of deception, fraud, and betrayal.

To solve the case, Brennan must untangle a complex web of military intrigue and confront the ghosts of a forgotten war.

Flash and Bones (2011)

Flash and Bones (2011)
Flash and Bones (2011)

Brennan is drawn into the high-stakes world of NASCAR when a body is found in a barrel of toxic waste at a North Carolina race track. As she investigates the victim’s death, she uncovers a dangerous conspiracy involving environmental terrorism, corporate greed, and a mysterious racing legend with a deadly secret. Racing against time, Brennan must unravel the truth before the killer strikes again.

Bones Are Forever (2012)

Brennan is called to a gruesome scene in a run-down apartment, where the tiny bodies of three infants are discovered hidden in a closet. Teaming up with Sergeant Ollie Hasty of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, Brennan follows the trail of the infant’s mother, a troubled young woman with a mysterious past.

As they uncover the tragic truth behind the deaths, Brennan and Hasty must confront their own demons and find justice for the innocent victims.

Bones of the Lost (2013)

Brennan is tasked with examining the remains of a hit-and-run victim, only to discover that the young girl may have been the victim of human trafficking. Her search for answers takes her from the streets of Charlotte to the war-torn landscapes of Afghanistan.

Bones Never Lie (2014)

Bones Never Lie (2014)
Bones Never Lie (2014)

In this seventeenth installment, a cold case from Brennan’s past comes back to haunt her when the sadistic killer she helped put behind bars years ago is suspected of striking again. Forced to confront her own fears and weaknesses, Brennan teams up with retired detective Andrew Ryan to track down the elusive predator before he can claim more victims.

As they follow the killer’s trail, Brennan and Ryan must navigate a complex web of deceit, obsession, and vengeance that will test their resolve and their relationship.

Speaking in Bones (2015)

Brennan is approached by a web sleuth who believes she has found a connection between a series of unidentified remains and a missing persons case. As Brennan investigates, she is drawn into a dark world of online amateur detectives and internet trolls, all attempting to solve cold cases from the comfort of their homes.

Quick Fact: As she struggles to separate fact from fiction, Brennan realizes that the key to solving the case may lie in understanding the twisted minds of those who inhabit the digital shadows.

A Conspiracy of Bones (2020)

Brennan is struggling to come to terms with the recent loss of her mother and the fallout from her tumultuous relationship with Andrew Ryan. When she receives a series of disturbing and anonymous text messages containing images of a mutilated corpse, she is pulled into a chilling case that forces her to confront her own demons.

As Brennan follows the trail of evidence, she uncovers a sinister conspiracy involving powerful forces determined to protect their secrets at any cost.

The Bone Code (2021)

In the latest installment of the series, Brennan and her longtime friend and lover, Detective Andrew Ryan, become embroiled in a case involving a deadly contagion, a tragic plane crash, and a mysterious shipment of body parts.

As they race to unravel the connections between these seemingly unrelated events, they uncover a sinister plot that threatens to unleash a global catastrophe. With time running out, Brennan and Ryan must use all their skills and resources to prevent disaster and save countless lives.

Cold, Cold Bones (2022)

Cold, Cold Bones (2022)
Cold, Cold Bones (2022)

This book is a story of vengeance against Tempe for the mistakes she had made in the past. Winter has come to North Carolina and, with it, a lower crime rate. Freed from a heavy work schedule, Tempe Brennan is ready to dote on her daughter Katy, who finally returning to civilian life from the army.

But when mother and daughter meet at Tempe’s place one night, they find a box on the back porch. Inside: a very fresh human eyeball

The Bone Hacker (2023)

Called in to examine what is left of a person thought to have been struck by lightning, Tempe traces an unusual tattoo to its source and is soon embroiled in a much larger case. Young men tourists have been disappearing on the islands of Turks and Caicos.

Seven years earlier, the first victim was found in a strange location with his left hand hacked off, subsequently, two other visitors vanished without a trace. But, recently, tantalizing leads have emerged and only Tempe can unravel them.

What sets Kathy Reichs’ books apart from other crime novels?

What sets Kathy Reichs' books apart from other crime novels?
What sets Kathy Reichs’ books apart from other crime novels?

Kathy Reichs’ books stand out in the crowded field of crime fiction for several reasons. First and foremost, her background as a forensic anthropologist brings a level of authenticity and scientific detail to her novels that few other authors can match.

By drawing on her own experiences and expertise, Reichs is able to create realistic and compelling narratives that immerse readers in the world of forensic investigation.

Additionally, her protagonist, Temperance Brennan, is a complex and well-developed character with a unique perspective on crime-solving. Brennan’s dedication to her work, her personal struggles, and her evolving relationships with colleagues and loved ones make her a relatable and engaging protagonist.

This character depth adds an emotional dimension to the novels, making them more than just a series of grisly crime scenes and clever deductions.

Lastly, Reichs’ storytelling skill and her ability to weave intricate plots that balance forensic detail with gripping suspense set her work apart. She has a talent for creating stories that are both intellectually engaging and emotionally resonant, ensuring that readers stay invested in her characters and their journeys.

How has Kathy Reichs’ career as a forensic anthropologist influenced her writing?

Reichs’ career as a forensic anthropologist has had a significant impact on her writing. Her firsthand experience in the field lends a level of credibility and detail to her novels that is unmatched in the genre. She uses her expertise to create accurate and vivid descriptions of crime scenes, forensic procedures, and the process of analyzing human remains.

This attention to detail not only adds a layer of realism to her stories but also serves to educate readers about the intricacies of forensic anthropology.

Additionally, her work as a consultant for various organizations, including the United Nations and the FBI, has exposed her to a wide range of cases and experiences. These real-life encounters have undoubtedly influenced her fictional cases, providing her with a wealth of material to draw from when crafting her plots.

Finally, her career has also given her a unique understanding of the emotional and psychological toll that forensic work can take on investigators. This insight is reflected in her portrayal of Temperance Brennan, who is often shown grappling with the emotional challenges of her profession.

How has the popularity of Kathy Reichs’ books impacted the field of forensic anthropology?

The popularity of Kathy Reichs’ books has had a significant impact on the field of forensic anthropology by bringing the discipline into the mainstream and raising awareness about the important work that forensic anthropologists do.

Her novels have piqued the interest of readers and inspired many to learn more about the field, leading to an increased interest in forensic anthropology as a career.

Moreover, the success of her books has also led to the creation of the television series “Bones,” which was based on her novels and the character of Temperance Brennan. This popular series further increased the visibility of forensic anthropology, showcasing the science behind solving crimes and highlighting the importance of the discipline in modern criminal investigations.

In conclusion, Kathy Reichs’ books have not only captivated readers with their gripping crime stories but have also made a significant impact on the field of forensic anthropology. Her unique background and expertise allow her to create realistic and engaging narratives that showcase the importance of forensic science in solving crimes.

Expert Tip: By introducing readers to the fascinating world of forensic anthropology, Reichs has not only entertained but also educated and inspired a new generation of readers and aspiring forensic scientists.

How many Kathy Reichs books are there?

There are a total of 20 Kathy Reichs books in the Temperance Brennan series. The most recent installment at that time was “The Bone Code,” published in 2021.

Is Kathy Reichs still writing Temperance Brennan books?

While I cannot predict future releases or the author’s plans, as of September 2021, Kathy Reichs was still writing Temperance Brennan books. The most recent novel, “The Bone Code,” indicates that she continued to develop the series and its characters.

Do I need to read Kathy Reichs in order?

While it is not strictly necessary to read Kathy Reichs’ books in order, doing so can enhance your reading experience. Reading the books in chronological order allows you to follow the development of the characters, their relationships, and the overarching storylines more effectively.

However, each novel is generally self-contained, with its own distinct plot and mystery, so you can still enjoy the books if you read them out of order.

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